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We are loving Gatsby!

My English students are studying Gatsby.  For a writing assignment I get them to choose (and this is THE most difficult part of the assignment) their favourite quote from the novel…. then write. They can responded any number of ways, I just want them to write. Write unencumbered, Write with […]

A Ritual Called Reading

I’ve been chastised and persecuted and ridiculed in public to the point where I have to go underground in order to practice a ritual that is so frowned upon by society I dare not reveal it to anyone… …ok, maybe to you. Here it goes… I don’t read novels the […]


It's All About Life Long Learning!

Ink in the Brain

This blog is about stuff from my brain. Ranging from play-doh to Plato. Hopefully you find something you like within that spectrum.

Blossoming Spirits

Currently Streaming My Conciousness

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