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We are loving Gatsby!

My English students are studying Gatsby.  For a writing assignment I get them to choose (and this is THE most difficult part of the assignment) their favourite quote from the novel…. then write. They can responded any number of ways, I just want them…

To Write About the Moon

I want to write about the moon. It’s been demanding attention the last two days fully exposing itself on my drive home and then sneaking through the tiny slit in my bedroom blinds to blind me in it’s brilliance. I have to admit I…

Potluck and Prose

My AP Engish class wanted to have a potluck.  So we did.  And while we were eating our delectable meal we discussed… what else our favourite books EVER. Favourite books from our childhood. Favourite books from middle school. Favourite books from present day. And…

Thoughts on Jane Urquhart’s “The Stone Carvers”

Tomorrow I will get my English students to pick a passage out of “The Stone Carvers”, one they found particularly profound or poetic, and then respond to it personally.  This is one I wrote to use as an exemplar.  If they are brave enough…


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