Shards of Bare Mute Blackness

I keep journals.  Journals possessing emotional streams of consciousness.  Travel journals.  Journals that read as an itemization of my day.  Journals with ideas and impressions from anything and everything.  But I also have a journal filled with quotes. Quotes from novels.  Lines from poems.  Dialogue from movies.  Chains of words I find especially poignant and … Continue reading Shards of Bare Mute Blackness

Corpora vs Spiritus

“The day of the corpora is the night for the spiritus.  When the bodies cease their labour the spirits in man begin their work.  The waking of the body is the sleep of the spirit and the spirit’s sleep a waking for the body.”  (Paracelsus cited in Lawrence Durrell’s “Justine”) Well, this explains why I’m … Continue reading Corpora vs Spiritus


Delicates is the second in a graphic novel series by Breena Thummler. Where the first novel Sheets introduces us to Marjorie Glatt’s story and her story, Delicates continues her story but also introduces us to a new character Eliza Dunn. At the beginning of Delicates, Marjorie is still coming to terms with her mother’s death with the support of … Continue reading Delicates

A Meditation on Thornton Wilder

“There arose a perfume of tenderness, that ghost of passion which, in the most unexpected relationship, can make a whole lifetime devoted to irksome duty pass like a gracious dream” (pg. 74) The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder. I have fallen in love with Thorton Wilder because of this quote. How wonderful … Continue reading A Meditation on Thornton Wilder

Covid Conundrum

I wanted to read.But I couldn’tI wanted to write.But I didn’t.I am at a time in life that is opaque, where there are no bold lines, only shadow and shades. So I have begun to redefine myself. On the cusp of retirement, a time when I aspire to hone my passions and strengths (without being … Continue reading Covid Conundrum

The Sound of Lightening

We are having a bout of hot weather and lightning storms before the arrival of autumn. I love the sound of lightning. No, I don’t mean thunder. I don’t like thunder. It sounds ominous and threatening and downright mean. But lightening…the flash in the distance.  The moments of silence. The beauty without the boom. It’s … Continue reading The Sound of Lightening

“Time Heals What Reason Cannot

Time heals what reason cannot. ~Seneca  It’s interesting how much difference a day can make. I am continually amazed at how, over the course of a measly twelve hours a person can go from being mired in the deepest darkest pit of disappointment to walking on sunshine. This change cannot merely be a matter of … Continue reading “Time Heals What Reason Cannot

The Cabinets of Barnaby Mayne

written by Elsa HartI am a reading fiend. I can read book upon book upon book upon book. Summer holidays usually offers the opportunity where I make up for the lack of time I had during the work year. But this year was different. You would think that with a quarantine one would have more … Continue reading The Cabinets of Barnaby Mayne

The Toll by Cherie Priest

“The things I take are mine to keep” (135) One of my favourite genres is Gothic Literature so one day, a couple of months ago I Googles “Contemporary Gothic Literature” and up popped a wonderfully detailed list of titles. One of the titles on this list was “The Toll” written by Cherie Priest. The caption … Continue reading The Toll by Cherie Priest

An Intelligent Hell

“An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise” Victor Hugo Interesting. Once in a while I’ll have a day where I find it difficult being nice to stupid people. Now, I know that doesn’t sound very kind of me but I seriously have no patience for anyone who just seems, well, juvenile. And … Continue reading An Intelligent Hell

Antonia Finds a Husband

Chapter 3 Once there was a young girl named Antonia Gigglegoose. Antonia came from a very large family. There were Gigglegoose brothers in the first and second grade, and Gigglegoose sisters in the fourth and fifth grade, and there were even Gigglegoose triplets in kindergarten! Antonia herself just finished the third grade.  It was summer … Continue reading Antonia Finds a Husband