Ghost Wall

By Sarah Moss This is Silvie’s story.The novel starts with the tale of ancient Britons sacrificing a young girl to the bog. It doesn’t tell you why but I assume it is because…well, she’s young and a girl (always targets for ritualistic sacrifice).The rest of the novel is about Silvie. Silvie’s father is a bus … Continue reading Ghost Wall


by A C Wise What if Captain Hook wasn’t the worst villain in Peter Pan? What if Peter Pan was a spoiled adolescent who forces people into acting in roles that serve his play? What if Pan forced James Hook into reliving his death by drowning over and over again so that he could play … Continue reading Hooked

Unsettled Ground

by Claire Fuller I can’t remember how I heard of this novel, but I was searching the book list in my notes and looking for it. As soon as I saw the beautiful cover, I knew it would be good (not that one should judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest, we … Continue reading Unsettled Ground


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