To Frustratingly Flail About With My Words

Some days I believe I can be as articulate as the greatest of ancient Greek orators. Sitting, surrounded by youth. Using extended metaphor to enlighten. Persuasive and entertaining with my words. Arguing a point that possesses a foregone conclusion just to uproot it  and shake it free of narrow-mindedness. Then transplant it elsewhere. Entertaining with … Continue reading To Frustratingly Flail About With My Words

Memory as Metaphor

Memory is a funny thing.Multi-metaphorical. It’s like a tiny alligator. Lurking in shallow water leisurely swimming by moving its tail. You wade tentatively in life, feeling warmth and security. Going further out and away. When suddenly it grabs your ankle in its sharp pointy teeth reminding you it’s there. And then leaving little pointed pricks … Continue reading Memory as Metaphor