Potluck and Prose

My AP Engish class wanted to have a potluck.  So we did.  And while we were eating our delectable meal we discussed…

what else

our favourite books EVER.

Favourite books from our childhood.

Favourite books from middle school.

Favourite books from present day.

And what a lovely discussion it was.  The snow fell in heaps and bunches outside our window…and inside our toasty classroom we ate, and chatted about the most heartwarming of subjects


Here are some of the titles discussed:

The Maze Runner


Boy Toy

The Vast Fields of the Ordinary

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

Les Miserables


The Algabrist

The Girl With the Pearl Earing

Anything by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Catch 22


Metro 2033

The Book Thief

Anything by author Cassandra Clone

Warriors Series

The Night Circus

Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief

The Ranger’s Apprentice series

Cloud Atlas


A Song of Ice and Fire

Safe Haven

The Little Princess

The Lucky One


The Road


The Five Ancestors

The Fault in our Stars

Demonata Series

The Tempest

Beyond the Shadows

Being by Kevin Brooks


His Majesty’s Dragon

Thin Executioner


29 thoughts on “Potluck and Prose

  1. For secret santa
    My fav. genre is historical fiction
    If anyone is looking for a great way to buy used books, check out abebooks.ca

    Also the next book club meeting is the 25th. If anyone is interested, just show up to Mrs.deBruin’s room at focus, we need members.

  2. To my secret Santa or anyone else willing to buy me books…
    I love books with romance, or anything that will keep my very short attention span entertained.
    Thank you all for a wonderful 4th block today! I had a lovely time ❤

  3. I love an array of books. Favourite genres would include historical romance, sci-fi, dystopian, fairy tales lots of fairy tales…. Fantasy. Anything along those lines… 🙂

  4. Dear Secret Santa:

    I just really like fiction. Like coming of age sort of John Greenish(already have his books by the way) novels. I don’t know how to say what kind of fiction I like without sounding like a total freak so just stick with fiction that looks interesting to you and I promise I’ll read it 🙂

  5. Dear Secret Santa,
    I really just thoroughly enjoy fiction novels. Whether it be a mystery, romance, tradgedy, or fluff, as long as it has an interesting plot and can keep my short attention snap, I’m usually happy. My two books listed about are Boy Toy and The Vast Fields of Ordinary. I really love coming of age teen novels simply because of how easy it is to related to many of the characters. I’ll be happy as long as it’s interesting!

  6. For Secret Santa,
    I am a fan of fantasy and romance books such as Eragon, Host and The Night Circus. I am always willing to read any genre though. You pick it and I’ll read it

  7. My favourite author is Kevin Brooks. He is a British author who writes fiction novels, some of which are plausible, some are more supernatural. My favourite books by him are Being, Candy, and Lucas. His stories allow you to connect with the characters and makes you feel like you’ve always known them. They also don’t have fairytale endings, which is good. Overall, any kind of story I will enjoy, minus historical fiction or romance

  8. Dear Secret Santa,
    I enjoy anything by Leslie Knope and also Fantasy books. And when I say fantasy, I don’t mean the generic knight saves the princess stuff, I’m more into the Tolkien kind of mythical fantasy, ya hear?

  9. If my Secret Santa needs ideas,
    There are many books and many genres that I absolutely love. My recent favorite book has been The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (woah crazy good book!) and ive also read Looking For Alaska.. but all time fave is probably The Night Circus! I like books that sweep you off your feet with romance. Yeah thay sounded pretty girly. But! I’m talking about the cool kind of romance! this definition:
    “a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life”
    so yeah! I’m sure I’ll love your pic! good luck 😉

  10. Dear Secret Santa,
    I love books that make your brain hurt, I love books that twist reality into a fantasy or books that make you reconsider your self as a person. I love to be wowed by interesting perspectives and philosophical thinking. My favorite author is Neil Gaiman, although I have all of his books… But that might give you an idea of what to get me. But if none of that is helpful I also love books that are heart wrenching and emotionally gripping like The Road.
    Or Scratch and Sniff books. Those are great too. and used? Even better.

  11. Dear Secret Santa,
    I love adventure books, anytime the hero is constantly fighting for his life, or risking it for the girl of his dreams. I’ve read all of the Rangers Apprentice books and the Hero’s of Olympus series as a baseline, those are the books that i really enjoy. Usually I’m into medieval sword-and-shield types, but I’ll usually make an exception for a good read. Happy shopping 😉

  12. Dear Secret Santa.
    I love romance, mystery, and if a book can make me cry.. I’ll probably enjoy it! (as weird as that sounds..) However, I am open to almost anything. Except for all that magic fantasy business.. its not my thing.
    Happy Shopping 🙂

  13. Dear Secret Santa,
    Sorry I didn’t post here earlier. Anything Dickensian or Brobdingnagian is a good choice. I already have everything Orwellian, so don’t be a Machiavellian. If it must be thespian, I enjoy Arthur Miller or Tennessee Williams. Just don’t be too pedestrian. As long as there’s a plot line, I’ll read anything. Please, no fluffy romance Gorm-ian would enjoy.

  14. I enioy books that are modern styled with maybe some action, adventure or mystery. and also the kind of book that challenges societal standards or that have a character who has a very different outlook on life that makes me re evaluate my own

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