“Kino” Short Story Review by student guest bloggers Khrystina and Megan


by HarukiMurakami

Kino, having been hurt by the closest person he had, opened a bar that became his sanctuary. (Disconnect from reality) He is a character that was not in touch with his feelings, and doesn’t know how to emotionally react to situations. An unusual man breached his defences by repeatedly visiting his bar and forced Kino to ponder his life. The events that have recently occurred, life his wife’s affair (her betrayal) and his lack of emotional entanglements. As a result, this mindset caused him to disregard events that happened.

In writing Kino, Murakami shows the need of people to be true to themselves and their emotions. It is to be human to have emotions. They need to be felt otherwise solitude, silence, and loneliness begins to dictate life. It is emotion that connects humans, allows us to understand others, and by extension, ourselves, as well as keeps us grounded in reality.

This was a beautiful story, elegantly written, and heartbreakingly inspirational. The characters are lovely, have their own hangups, their own stories and individual motivations to somewhat ambiguous ends. They’re interesting and clearly reflect the realism of habit and subconscious action. The minute details, such as the rain and the vividness of the willow tree outside the bar, add to the atmosphere and unify the story.

The cat is a plus. The way lack of emotion was portrayed rang so true that one couldn’t help but continue reading. Absolutely stunning in portrayal, the short story, Kino, is easily identifiable with, and the character struggles are justifiable.

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