Podcasts about Books and Reading

Let’s face it, those of us who are certified book nerds carry our obsession beyond the written word.  Thankfully when circumstances are such that I can’t sit and read I can indulge my craving for “all things bookish” by plugging in and listening to some pretty amazing podcasts. Here are some of my favouites (all easily accessible by subscribing through iTunes).

  1. Bookriot. Our hosts Jeff and Rebecca have a wonderful rapport as they discuss hot topics in the world of publishing.  I especially appreciate their fearless approach towards potential controversal topics.
  2. All The Books. Liberty and Rebecca discuss NEW books that have just been released.  This is where I get most of my book suggestions.  I want to go for drinks with Liberty and Rebecca and have a giddy conversation about books.
  3. The New York Times Book Review. I love Pamela Paul’s inteview style. Here is where I find most book suggestions for biographies, history, and childrens literature.
  4. Late Night Library. I love the informal banter between a group of people associated with all areas in books and publishing.
  5. Slate Audio Bookclub. Don’t listen to this one until you’ve finished reading the book being discussed.  This is my favourite podcast that takes my understanding of a book to a deeper level.  I often wish I could participate in the discussion!
  6. So Many Damn Books: Hosts Christopher and Drew are not only interesting they are so funny! I’ve gotten some really good book suggestions from these two gentlemen.
  7. Drunk Booksellers: Another favourite. These people have SO much fun discussing books.

What are you listening to?

*minutes after tweeting this post I got a lovely request to add the podcast HS BookClubPod a podcast recorded by teachers and students. I’ve listened to a couple sessions and it is really quite wonderful!  You can find it on iTunes!


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