Cartier’s Hope

Cartier’s Hope by M.J. Rose

This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve read M.J. Rose and it definitely won’t be my last. Her novels always present opportunities for escaping the mundanity of our everyday lives. With history, mystery and romance Cartier’s Hope doesn’t disappoint.

It’s New York in 1910 where we met Vera Garland, a woman of exceptional means having being raised in New York’s elite society. This socialite, however, has a secret that only her family knows; Vera Garland has an alter ego in that manifest as Vee Swan. “Vee” is a dynamic, feisty reporter who puts safety (and true identity) at risk in order to get “the story”. Vee is determined to expose the injustices that exist in New York at the beginning of the century especially if they include the rights of women and children. One of these stories is uncovering the true history of the Hope diamond. The Hope diamond is both desired and feared and Vera has to live her own truth in order to bring the story to “Vee”. During her quest for the truth, Vera suffers loss, physical pain and a broken heart. Through it all, however, Vera Stays determined to maintain her independence during a time in history when an independent woman is something to be feared. I found myself wanting to be Vera’s friend!

I really enjoyed reading this book. With its easy prose, quick plot and elements of history, it made for a perfect weekend read. 

You can buy Cartier’s Hope first week of December!


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