When We Were Vikings by Andrew David MacDonald

I was given an advanced reading copy of When We Were Vikings By Simon and Schuster. This is a wonderful story of a young woman given a life filled with all sorts of battles. Zelda is up for the fight. She has a fascination with the Vikings, in fact, she believes she is a Viking. As a Viking, she has to accomplish various quests in order to create her own legend
Gert is Zelda’s brother, he too has many battles to fight. Having to care for his sister on his is own, he finds it tempting to resort to unsavoury means of making a living. Taking care of Zelda is not easy. Even though she is no longer a child, she needs several support systems in place to help her function in society. Lists are essential, as is counting backwards when she is anxious, especially when the “Grendels” skulk about.
I really loved this book. It is wonderfully written from Zelda’s point of view. Her quirks and fascinations and sense of humour make her story an interesting one to read.
This is a novel that is all about having the courage to create your own story and have it legendary.

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