4 amazing novels by Black Canadian Authors and the one I want to read next.

I took this book (hardcover copy) to Japan with me on a school trip with students. It was so good I didn’t mind waiting for the slow pokes to get ready to board the bus to Kyoto. I was content to perch on my suitcase and read and read and read. It came out as a television miniseries a couple of years ago but I haven’t had a chance to watch it.

Loved loved LOVED this book. Science Fiction isn’t a genre I normally gravitate to but the premise of this novel was incredibly intriguing. Think “Westworld” but deeper, more profound and definitely more beautifully written.

This is a story about adventure and self-discovery. It has the potential to be a strong piece for literary study in High School. As I was reading I kept thinking “ooh I could discuss the use of symbolism here”, and “note the vivid imagery there”. Its themes are deep and meaningful and accessible to most people. 

Washington Black has been one of my favouite books of this year. It is academic without being intimidating and well worth a re-read in the future.

Sooooo good! Imagine the gods (Hermes and Apollo) giving dogs the gift (??) of human intelligence. The ability to understand human beings. Would they be happier than us? Or is it easier to be happy in ignorance. This one won the Giller Prize a few years back. READ IT! Profound and entertaining.

What I WANT to read (just ordered) is Daughters of Silence by Rebecca Fisseha. The Cover is absolutely beautiful and the premise sounds incredible.

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