Too Much and Never Enough

by Mary L. Trump

Most of the audible books I download are nonfiction. “Too Much and Never Enough” is the second book I’ve downloaded regarding our “interesting” political leader to our south.

Honestly, four years ago, I had a weird fascination with American politics, but now I just find it all too exhausting. I was drawn to downloading this book because I listened to Mary Trump being interviewed and she seemed so extremely articulate and dignified I felt compelled to use this month’s free credit on Audible to hear her story.

Mary’s story is one of her own experiences growing up as a Trump. The account of her relationship with her father Fred, his descent into alcoholism and death is heartbreaking. Mary’s writing not only effectively conveys the love she had for her father she also convincingly presents the confusion with the circumstances surrounding her father’s death and the Trump family’s response to this death.

Yes, she talks about Donald, however not from (in my opinion) a political standpoint. She mostly talks about him within the context of the Trump family dynamic.

Mary Trump narrates her book. Her voice is easy to listen to, and I found it easy to focus on her story while I was working throughout my day.

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