In With the New

I have really struggled this year, reflecting upon the past year and setting goals for this new one. No lie, this last year has been a tough one for me. I was all brave-like and heroic, espousing upon the positivity I found even in the time of a pandemic. And then, in April, not only did I crash and burn, I did so in epic proportion. It was a full-time job (on top of a full-time job) to maintain my physical and mental health. Now, those of you who suffer anxiety and depression like I do know that no amount of telling yourself “consider yourself lucky, other people are experiencing huge financial issues and death of loved ones or sickness themselves” made me feel better, in fact, telling myself this only made me feel guilty for feeling sorry for myself (yay for “Good Catholic Guilt” and honestly as I write this it sounds like I’m complaining which makes me feel guilty about complaining. Yesh).

Anywho, I’m better! Yay! But I’m fully aware that “better” ebbs and flows. 

That being said, I’ve rephrased “New Years Resolutions” to “Things I’m going to Work On,” and I thought I’d share them with you. 

There is only 2 this year:

1. Train and complete another ½ marathon in October.

2 . Reframe my thoughts and the things I say towards the positive. 

Does the second one seem silly, “Pie in the Sky” and a regurgitation of every wellness book on gratitude published over the last decade? Maybe so, but I’ve been practicing. And it’s been working. I feel better. I smile more. I hope I can keep it up. 

What “Things I’m Going to Work On” is on your list?

Have the happiest of Happy New Year! 

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