The Potential That Lies in the Question

“…every question possessed a power that did not lie in the answer.” Elie Wiesel Night

A question can be significantly more important than the answer. If we don’t question, we naturally assume the “truth” we are presented with is just that,
the truth.
Then acceptance leads to manipulation and ultimately, for lack of a better term,
mush for brains.
When we question, we inquire. We show inquisitiveness and don’t just sit through life passively like dough waiting to rise. Questioning means we’re alive. It means we have an opinion. It means cures for cancer. World peace. Nobel prizes.
Questions mean change. To respectfully challenge the status quo is our responsibility as human beings. It encourages accountability.
Three things I see lacking in the world. And sometimes in my own immediate vicinity.
We need to encourage inquiry in others and, most importantly, in ourselves. To not be afraid of throwing out a “why” and to be equally unafraid of catching one. We need to cultivate genuine inquisitiveness in ourselves. Excitement for learning. Sometimes a difficult thing to do through the exhaustion of the day filled with work and obligation.
But the excitement someone builds in herself about the process or even the mere probability of acquiring knowledge
is infectious.
How often do we see a friend learning to and successfully remodeling her own home, or acquiring a new language, or training for a new job? And we think, “I could do that.”
But we leave it there.
What we should be saying is, “I want to do that, and I will.”
Then go out and make it happen.

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