Unvarnished by Emily Carr Edited by Kathryn Bridge

I love Emily Carr’s paintings. Whenever I get the chance to visit Victoria, BC, I try to see the Art Gallery of Victoria to view their collection of her works. I have, however, never read any of her prose.

Unvarnished me is a phrase Carr used to “describe herself, her personal writings, private papers, and objects she deemed her honest self” (Kathryn Bridge).

Unvarnished is a non-threatening yet intense immersion into Carr’s writings, writings that range from postcards she’s written to friends and family, personal journals, and her short stories. In addition, the text includes visuals of Emily Carr’s journals, artwork, and photographs of the artist herself.

Kathryn Bridge does an impressive job weaving together this collection, creating an intimate portrait of one of Canada’s most celebrated artists.

Thank you to Netgalley for the free copy

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