“The Water Cure” by Sophie Mackintosh

A sisterhood born out of blood held together for survival; survival against parents, strangers and family. I sympathize for the sisters, they were, after all, products of their environment, an environment of isolation and abuse. Mother and King believe that pain keeps you safe. Emotional pain protects you from a broken heart, mental pain protects you from determining the truth behind the hill in which you live, and physical abuse? Well, physical pain cleanses you from impurities and corruption.
When the outside world suddenly infringes upon your “haven” making you question the only life you’ve ever known, do you fight against it? Or do you let it consume you?
I loved this book. I would think about Lia and Grace even after I closed the pages for the day. I need to talk about this book so I’ve recruited friends to read it so that we can debrief.



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