Lady Rogue by Jenn Bennett

I’m always in search of novels with strong, independent female protagonists to put on the shelf of my little classroom library. “The Lady Rogue” written by Jenn Bennett presents us with Theodora or “Theo”, a seventeen year old young lady with a penchant for crossword puzzles, cipher codes, and the occult. When Theo’s “adventurer” father goes missing while attempting to possess the lost ring of Vlad the Impaler (yes Dracula himself) Theo embarks upon an adventure of her own in an effort to piece together her father’s last movements and ultimately save him from murderous treasure hunters.
I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Bennett has written novel that is a combination of just the right amounts of adventure, gothic elements, history and romance to engage any young adult. I especially enjoyed the voice of Theo. Although the story is set in 1938, Theo speaks and thinks like a REAL seventeen year old girl. She has a wonderfully sarcastic inner dialogue that had me chuckling regularly. I hope Jenn Bennett writes share more of Theodora’s adventures with us in the future!

”Lady Rogue” comes out September 3.


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