I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll

I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll

I received an advanced copy of “I Will Make You Pay” by Teresa Driscoll. I do love a good psychological thriller, and this one is just that.

Ok, this novel creeped me out slightly when I first began reading- nothing like answering a phone call and receiving a good graphic death threat. Alice is our victim. She tries so hard to be a strong independent journalist, and now this call is making it difficult to do so. Thankfully she has her boyfriend Tom there to protect her.

But, it’s not that simple. There are secrets in this novel, secrets that can save and secrets that can kill.

This book is written in one of my favourite formats, one with a variety of points of view. Chapters labelled “Alice” ( our protagonist), “Matthew” (an ex-policeman hired bodyguard) and “Him” (our villain). These chapters successfully weave together to build suspense and create our story. I appreciate chapters written from the villain’s point of view because it makes his motivation for violence more believable.

I found Alice a bit annoying and scattered. I didn’t feel she gave any of her decisions any forethought and I wanted to reach into the novel and shake her on occasion.

This was the perfect holiday read, not too deep and wonderfully engaging with just the right amount of suspense.

I Will Make You Pay is my first Teresa Driscoll novel. I have Googled her other novels and will most definitely be reading her again.

You will be able to purchase this novel October 10


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