The Poison Thread


Update! (a couple of weeks late) : (

Loved, loved, loved, this novel. I finished reading it in less than 24 hours. EVERYTHING was put on hold until I finished reading it, even sleep!

In this novel, we get to know two women who share their own stories through alternating chapters. Theo, our main narrator, is a young woman with good intentions who attempts to fill her dead mother’s legacy through Christian service. She does this by devoting her time to visiting a woman’s prison and ministering to murderers. Another, more interesting reason (ulterior motive??) why Theo visits this prison is to feed her obsession with phrenology or “reading” the bumps on a person’s head to determine their personality and potential for violence and manipulation.

Our other narrator is Ruth. Ruth is a young seamstress who is imprisoned for murdering her mistress with, as she claims, a needle and thread. At times I was disturbed by Ruth’s monologue concerning the harsh and violent circumstances of her life, but then I remembered that she was a child when all of this trauma is taking place. And yes, Theo predictably asks to “read” the bumps on Ruth’s head.

This is my first novel by Laura Purcell. I am quite taken by her writing style, finding it impossible not to fall deeply into the story she tells. Purcell is becoming one of my favourite authors. Immediately after finishing this one I ordered The Silent Companions and I can’t wait to start it!

P. S

This novel has a “holy crap” ending. So read it and find out what it is!

P.P.S.So far this summer my favourite novels have been “The Poison Thread” and Priory of the Orange Tree”. Review for Priory coming soon!!



I just started Poison Thread today. It’s been a summer of fantasy/sci fi and psychological thrillers. This one is a mixture of historical fiction and thriller. IT IS SO GOOD and I’m only on page 21.  This was one of those books that jumped out at me whilst I was lurking in the bookstore (that happens!!). I took it off the shelf,turned it over in my hands, then my eyes fell on ” … it is possible to kill with just a needle and thread…” I was hooked.

As well on the back it is written: “For fans of Shirley Jackson, The Poison Thread is a spine-tingling read about the evil that lurks behind the facade of innocence”.  Those that know me know that I am an uber fan of Shirley Jackson.

.Review soon to come!

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