The Whisper Man by Alex North


If you leave a door half-open, soon you’ll hear the whisper spoken.

If you play outside alone, soon you won’t be going home.

If you widow’s left unlatched, you’ll hear him tapping at the glass.

If you’re lonely, sad and blue, The Whisper Man will come for you.

                                       The Whisper Man

Have you ever reached the end of a novel, closed the cover and said aloud, to an empty room “that was awesome.” This was the perfect novel to end my summer holidays. It was creepy enough to be unsettling, but still, I could NOT put it down. Tom Kennedy flees with his son Jake to the small town of Featherbank in an attempt to escape the heartache caused by the unexpected death of his wife. Featherbank, however, is far from being a sanctuary of peace and contentment. No, it is a town with a dark history, children disappear, believed to be taken, by someone deemed “The Whisper Man”.

North successfully weaves elements of horror, mystery, and crime with a touch of supernatural (or is it?). This novel was dark without being gratuitously gory. I appreciated the various shifts in point of view, where we, the readers, have a  firsthand account of the principal characters’ thought processes.

As you read, questions will arise regarding plot and character motivation. North answered all of my questions, just not with the answers I predicted. This, to me, is a sign of good writing.

“The Whisper Man” is exceptionally atmospheric (do NOT read at night with your window open). Although it deals with child abduction, it also portrays the strength and resilience of children. One of the main themes, however, is fatherhood, but I cannot discuss how because I’d be spoiling too much.


Such a satisfying read!


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