Pretty Things by Janelle Brown

You know, in a warped, conniving, murderous way I’d say this novel is a story about friendship. Nina and Lachlan are grifters who scope out mansions of the rich and steal “only what won’t be missed”. It’s a profession Nina comes by naturally seeing how she was raised by a mother who earned a living under “questionable “ means. Now her mother is battling cancer, and the bills are adding up Nina decides to embark upon the heist of a lifetime. But this time she will have to revisit her past. She knows where to find the money she needs… in a safe in Stonehaven, a place that possesses a plethora of childhood memories
Our other narrator is Vanessa, the new mistress of Stonehaven. Upon the death of her father, the social media sensation, Vanessa decides to return to the family estate, a place that holds emotional childhood memories as well.
Nina and Vanessa’s lives will indeed collide, resulting in the unearthing of decades-old secrets, betrayal and murder.
This was such a great weekend read. The writing and plot sucked me in immediately, and I admit to staying awake until the end. There were some lovely plot twists and turns that kept me interested until the final page.

I was lucky enough to get a free galley copy of Pretty Things from Random House. You’ll be able to get your hands on a copy in April!

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